All photography provided by Patti Fordyce

In his 1995 Letter to Women, Pope St John Paul II wrote of the debt society owes to the “genius of women”. ACW seeks to apply the unique skills and abilities of women to


  • assisting families to pass on the Catholic Faith to their children

  • praying for priests and for vocations to the priesthood and religious life

  • offering a positive alternative to the feminist narrative of women being “oppressed” by the Church

  • raising important issues in support of family life and life in the Faith

  • monitoring and responding to media articles and government initiatives challenging the ability of Catholics to live and proclaim the faith in the public square

  • organising conferences, meetings and study days to promote deeper understanding of the Church’s teachings

  • publishing newsletters and occasional pamphlets

ACW is the sort of group of laity that the Second Vatican Council looked for as a sign of renewal.”
— Father Dominic Allain, homily at ACW's 25th Anniversary Mass