ACW was founded in 1989, the year following Pope St John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter, Mulieris Dignitatem. In this letter, the Holy Father seemed to many Catholic women to reflect their understanding of the place of women in the life of the Church more accurately than the widely publicised complaints of those who argued that the only solution to the “oppression” of women was the ordination of women. ACW brought together women who wanted to celebrate our joy in the practice of our Faith and our delight in the positive contribution we can make as women to the life of the Church. Today we are principally concerned with

  • sharing the Catholic understanding of the dignity of every human person as a child of God

  • supporting the rights of parents in respect of their children’s education

  • campaigning for the unuque value of every life, from conception to natural end

  • contributing what Pope St John Paul II called “the feminine genius” to the life of the Church and our communities